About ProBidder

10 years ago, we set out to tackle one of the most severe hindrances towards success — the mentality of “I know it’s a good opportunity but …” something is holding you back.

Whether it’s not being able to find the time or not knowing where to start, we created Probidder with a simple motive to cover it all: bring fantastic foreclosure auction investment opportunities directly to Chicagoland investors in a smart, straightforward, and reliable way. 

Since then, we’ve helped our clients prove, time and time again, how their investment intuitions were right on the money for their long term success. 

We’ve built Probidder to be a system of investment resources backed by unparalleled data analysis, experienced real estate services, and technology designed to offer state-of-the-art convenience. 

Up to Date

Being local has its advantages. Our recorders visit the counties daily to record the newest foreclosure, probate and divorce filings. We invite you to compare us with any other ‘local’ provider.


In the last few years we have introduced many new features for our users and will continue to improve and expand the services we offer.


Having the most current data is only part of the equation. We provide our users with the best tools to find the best deals, including:

  • Searchable database & downloadable format
  • Zillow Estimates of property values
  • Save properties to your unique database.
  • Write comments directly on the web page on saved properties
  • Mail Merge to market to homeowners
  • Property Mappings
  • Comparable properties.
  • Essential Links to county sites with the unique Probidder way to search and digest raw data.
  • and lot more…

Customer Support / Training

What good is the data and tools if you don’t know how to use them. Probidder.com offers our users:

  • Customer Service by active Chicago land real estate investors.
  • Seminars / Classes / Mentorship by local active real estate investors not gurus from other states.
  • Read more on our BLOG.