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Welcome, Investors.

Are you tired of looking up auction dates and times?

Or missing work to bid on properties?

We understand.

We offer a foreclosure auction platform with one simple goal in mind: making it easier for YOU to bid on the properties you want.

Why choose Us

Why choose Us ?

Powerful & Easy Administration
Advanced Search Options
Most Comprehensive Data
Chicago Local Service
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Is crucial to smart investing. We know that, so we’ve gathered all of the necessary information to set you up for success.

You can search for properties using parameters like geographic area, property type, price and many more.


When it comes to Judicial Auctions, the research can make or break the investment. With real estate taxes, abstract of title and case file information provided, we make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting.


Is fast and easy with us. You set your maximum bidding levels and we’ll do the rest! Our team will be on the ground, attending the auction and bidding on your behalf.

Once we have attained the property, we’ll even handle the documentation, including all Receipts and Certificates of Sale.

The ProBidder team focuses on what YOU, the investor, want.

Let our years of experience and knowledge of the Illinois foreclosure auctions guide you to the best properties at the best prices.