A Letter to Investors

For the past 10 years, Probidder has been providing Chicagoland professionals with time-saving resources and money-saving services that are paramount to success in the foreclosure auction market. Through our dedication to ensuring convenience and dependability, we’ve inadvertently cemented a service that is crucial to this time: client safety. 

From the title search and analysis to bidding on your behalf at the in-person auctions, Probidder has you covered. 

We aim to make your lives easier, your stress levels lower, and of course, to keep your profit margins higher — while you remain in the safety of your own home.
You shouldn’t have to endlessly track the ever-changing restrictions on the real estate market. 
You shouldn’t have to comb through pages of regulations on how to enter a courthouse, only to find the property canceled at the last minute. 
Most importantly, you should never have to weigh the risk of your health with the possibility of attending a sale. 

Take care of your health, your family, and your business in the present — we’ll take care of securing you the best investments for your future. 

The Probidder Team

Updated on 07.02.2020:

The following counties are currently holding auctions:

Here is a list of updated start dates per county:

Cook County expected to start on 8/3/20
DuPage County expected to start on 8/4/20
Lake County expected to start on 7/7/20 (If you are planning on bidding in Lake County next week, we need to have bid funds from you by Monday 7/6/20)
Kane County expected to start on 8/6/20
Kendall County expected to start on 9/14/20
Will County expected to start on 8/6/20

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