The Upside of Adding a Multi-Unit Property to Your Investment Portfolio

The Upside of Adding a Multi-Unit Property to Your Investment Portfolio

According to many advisors, a great way to diversify your investment portfolio is real estate. An attractive option for those who want to generate a positive cash flow is to purchase a multi-unit property. This is a good choice for several reasons. May Be Less Difficult to Obtain Financing A larger loan for a multi-unit … Continue

Potential Home Inspection Deal Breakers

Potential home inspection issues

Getting an offer accepted on a property is a big step to owning a home, but it’s not the end of the buying process by any means. Before closing on your new home, you have to overcome a few hurdles. One of the biggest, and potentially the most deal-threatening, is the home inspection. If a … Continue

How to Estimate Your Investment Property’s Market Value

How to Estimate Your Investment Property’s Market Value

Whether you are trying to estimate your current property’s value or determine if a potential new home is priced fairly (but aren’t quite ready to consult with a realtor), here are some tips for estimating it yourself. The first, and most important step, is to look for comparable properties in the same area. Try to … Continue

Coronavirus and Chicagoland Real Estate Investment

Throughout the state of Illinois, including the Chicago metropolitan area, residents are slowly reopening the doors of their non-essential businesses and attempting to resume work in the midst of COVID-19 health precautions. However, as many other states haven’t been as slow to reopen, they are seeing resurgences in the virus and are reinstating stricter rules. … Continue

Five Tips to Investing in a Foreclosure

Investing in a foreclosure for the first time

You’ve decided to invest in your first foreclosure and already have one in mind. Or maybe, you just started researching foreclosure investment and are eager to take the first steps. Either way, these five tips can help you during this process. Make a Plan Your first step should be making a plan. Decide how you … Continue

Real Estate Market During COVID-19

Until the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate market in the Chicago area was trending upwards, however, the economic landscape throughout the country now is uncertain. This leaves homebuyers, sellers, and investors wondering what the future may hold for the real estate market in the wake of these changes. Home buying demand exceeds inventory As some … Continue

COVID-19 and Property Foreclosure

Covid-19 an property foreclosure

With the COVID-19 crisis throwing both the national and international economies into a state of upheaval, many financial experts are predicting a spike in home foreclosures in the United States. Fortunately, there are a few pats to take in order to avoid property foreclosure whether it’s taking financial shelter under the new federal “Coronavirus Aid, … Continue